Welcome to Mary Kay and Our Forming Brave National Area

In Mary Kay, you have the freedom to move at your own pace! But if you want my best advice on how to position yourself for long-term success, I've provided a step-by-step guide to help you get started!


BRAVE Steps to Success

Step 1:Print out our Welcome Packet and Inventory Planning Sheet. On page 6 of the Welcome Packet, use the instructions to create your initial Contact List.


Step 2: Listen to our BRAVE Inventory Hotline at (641) 715-3900, extension: 272451#. Be sure to have handy the documents from Step 1.


Step 3: Schedule your New Consultant Orientation Phone Call with Traci within 24-48 hours of completing Steps 1 & 2, while the information is fresh on your mind. Allow approximately 30 minutes for orientation, and be sure to have a calendar near by.


Step 4: Complete ALL 6 Sessions of MK Basics below, being sure to print out ALL handouts, watch the coordinating videos, complete the shared assignments AND fill out the Storybook Success forms for EACH session. NOTE: Each Session has a small assignment or two shared during the video that MUST be completed BEFORE filling out the Storybook Success form. Don't panic, they are FUN "baby steps" that will carry YOU to success!


Every Sunday Night
8-9 pm CT
Dial: (712) 432-1680 Access Code: 492206#

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Due to record-breaking growth in our BRAVE National Area, NEW Consultant Training, called MK U, is NOW being offered virtually via our Sunday night MK U Conference Call. Although your BRAVE Book (which includes our proven BRAVE systems and scripts for success OR BRAVE "DNA") is automatically sent to you from Traci's office when your Independent Beauty Consultant agreement is submitted, you may find it necessary to print out a lesson or two to be ready for our next MK U Call. With your BRAVE Book as your guide, you'll learn ALL the “Basics of the Biz” during this weekly training call exclusively for NEW Consultants. Below are the notes for each class:


Other Resources

Class #1: Get Organized & Get Booked

Get Organized

Tax Worksheet for your Mary Kay Business

Debt Snowball

Monthly Cash Flow Plan

Weekly Accomplishment Sheet


Get Booked

Weekly Plan Sheet

10/2 Tracking Sheet


Class #2: The Fabulously BRAVE 13 Step Party

The Fabulously BRAVE 13 Step Party

Custom Color Looks

Foundation Chart

Referral Lip Tac Toe Game


Class #3: Get Team Members

Get Team Members

Additional Handouts


Class #4: Get Dreams & Goals

Get Dreams & Goals

Dream Sheet